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Couples Therapy

Relationship counseling for when conflict arises. Growth, love, connection is on the other side of your challenges.

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Pregnancy Parenting

Learn how to navigate your authentic experience during pregnancy, postpartum and parenting.

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Miscarriage, Babyloss Support

I provide a warm and grounded presence to help you navigate this most devastating loss and earth shattering experience.

Create a life of showing up, being seen & speaking your truth.

Let me be honest – refreshingly and authentically real with you.  You will find no quick fixes here.  I do not offer the “life hacks” to get things back on track IMMEDIATELY.  I cannot tell you the “five things” you must do to be happy RIGHT NOW.  I have no e-book or newsletter or on-line program to offer you for free to give you the answers, while I collect your email.

Instead, I have much more to offer you (how’s that for a sales pitch?!  But I do believe this, so keep reading).

Here’s how therapy works, in my opinion.  You bring yourself to the table.  And I meet you there.  I bring my deep authentic presence to welcome in your light and shadow.  I walk with you on your journey – where ever that may take you.  I provide wisdom and guidance based on my personal life experiences, professional training, the discoveries we make together and the relationship we co-create.  We meet together in genuine, warm, face-to-face, human contact.   We will be real together.  We will laugh together, and cry together.  And in our humanness, and yes with some skilled therapy tools, your life will change.

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Sound good?  Want to give it a try?  Then contact me, and we’ll see where you can go.

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Still thinking?  Good.  I like that.  Beginning therapy is a big decision.  You should do your research.  And now it’s my job to tell you what you’ll get out of therapy with me:

  • A sense of direction gained from your exploration of where you came from, how you got here, and where you want to go.
  • Increased self confidence born out of genuine compassion, empathy and love for yourself.
  • Increased awareness of how you and your partner operate (if you’re in a relationship).
  • Deeper understanding of how you work in relationships – whether that is with your partner, child(ren), family and/or friends.
  • A way to process trauma with a mind/body technique called brainspotting.
  • Human connection. This is HUGE.  I used to think therapy was magic.  And that if I had just the right tools I could “heal” or “fix” a client.  Of course these things are super helpful, AND, what we know, what research proves – is that is the connection with your therapist that matters most; that makes therapy successful.  You must find a therapist you connect with.

Now more about me:

  • If you like therapy jargon, my tools and training include: PACT Level Two (couple therapy), Relational Life Therapy Level I (couple therapy) attachment theory, neuroscience, arousal regulation, brainspotting, mindfulness, grief counseling, psychodynamic psychotherapy and client centered counseling.  I use these approaches to help guide my work and meet my clients where they are at.
  • I hold in mind that we are intricate beings, and that means the mind, body, and spirit connection is important and honored.
  • I teach Bringing Baby Home workshops to expectant and new parents in our community. This workshop helps to prepare and strengthen the couple relationship for the daunting transition to parenthood.
  • I offer pregnancy loss and baby loss workshops to professionals.
  • I lead pregnancy after loss groups for babyloss mamas.
  • I am currently participating in a year long intuitive/energy healing training.
  • I am deeply curious about psychology and I am a life-long learner who LOVES her job. It is an honor and privilege to work with my clients.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”- Rumi


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