Women’s Group: Overwhelm to Action

Free Women’s Group. Get Your SHIP Together: Overwhelm to Action.

6 Week Group Starts March 14, 2017.

Do you feel like you got the wind knocked out of your sails? Or more like the whole ship blew up and you are aimlessly floating along alone. Yep, many of  us are out here floating alone, but when we join together we are a powerful force.

Get your SHIP together again!

We can help each other be a light of clarity, courage and calm for ourselves, our family and community. We’ll chart our way together and be the change we want to see in our community and the world.

Receive practices, tools and skills so you can:

  • Be grounded and calm like the Dalai Lama himself
  • Balance family, self-nourishment, work, spiritual life like a friggin’ pro
  • Aligning heart, spirit and mind for inspired action in a way that would make Oprah proud

If Betty White, Ellen DeGeneres and Audrey Hepburn ran a group, we think it might look like this one.

Weekly Group Format:

Introductions. Meditation for a clearing reset. Aligning with your North Star exercise. Closing small action steps to nourish ourselves during the week. The overall focus is creating balance by putting energy towards your priorities for wellness, family, career, inspired action and reducing your energy drains in life.

Contact us to save your spot in the group. It is our offering to the community. Location: downtown Louisville, CO at 908 Main St. #225 at 10am Tuesdays. Just a $25 materials fee for the 6 weeks.

Your fearless captains are Lisa Witter and Shelly King. Each of them have experienced their own version of shipwreck and found many resources to help get their ship together again. This group is their offering to share.

Lisa Witter, MA is an intuitive therapist in Louisville and works with women around relationships, somatic/spiritual alignment and infertility counseling. Lisa has a pug named after Audrey Hepburn who might show up as inspiration.

Shelly King, MA, LPC is a psychotherapist in private practice in Louisville. She works with women and couples during pregnancy, postpartum and parenting and specializes in babyloss – miscarriage, termination, stillbirth and newborn loss. She is currently taking a year long intuitive training class.

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