Couple Therapy

  • holding hands anchorDo you find yourself longing for a better relationship with your partner?
  • Do you feel stuck in old patterns, having the same fight over and over?
  • Has a major loss, trauma or infidelity happened in your relationship?
  • Are you feeling depressed, stressed out, or anxious?
  • Are you looking for a deeper connection and more ease and flow with your partner?

Relationships are challenging, even under the best of circumstances!  Despite any difficulties, we are wired for connection with other people. It is in a secure, loving relationship with another person that we experience the best version of ourselves – whether that’s with our partner, our friends, or our families.  Yet many of us have not had healthy role models to demonstrate this type of relationship.

With warmth and authenticity I work with couples to change patterns that are no longer serving them.  In  our work together you and your partner will:

  • create new ways to work with past issues
  • better understand yourself and your partner
  • learn about power dynamics that show up in relationships under the patriarchal system we all live in
  • deepen your sense of connection, security and fun!

I work with couples using PACT (psychobiological approach to couple therapy with Stan Tatkin) and RLT (relational life therapy with Terry Real).  PACT is an integration of cutting edge research in the areas of:

  • neuroscience – the study of the human brain;
  • attachment theory – our biological need to bond with others;
  • and human arousal – one’s in the moment alertness and body regulation.

These three areas in combination can lead to deep and lasting change in relationships.  Using the PACT model I will help you better understand how you and your partner are wired for connection.  We will work together to create new ways to work with past issues.  By doing this, you can create different possibilities for your relationship, thus allowing both of you to feel safe, secure and loved.

I am passionate about working with couples who want to do the work.  In our sessions you will face your concerns head on with a balance of intensity and humor.

I completed Level II PACT training in 2015.  I completed RLT Level I in June 2017.  To learn more about PACT, visit the PACT Institute.  To learn more about RLT visit Terry Real’s website.

“Shelly helped my husband and I through a very rough time. We had experienced two miscarriages and felt completely at a loss, our lives felt like they were starting to unravel. With Shelly’s counseling we were able to work through our own grief, feelings and patterns, and she provided us the tools needed so we could constructively put the pieces back together as a couple. Working with her helped us recover the rest of our lives after the loss and we continue to use those tools still whenever life presents us challenges. We are grateful for meeting Shelly and working with her through the healing process, without her service I am certain we wouldn’t be where we are today.”  – Couple Client